Cannabis Banking for Community Financial Institutions – Opportunity and Operations

January 25, 2024 1 PM ET | 60 Minutes

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While some large financial institutions have dipped their toes into banking the legal cannabis industry, community banks and credit unions still largely dominate the market, with more programs becoming active each month.  

In this session, we explore why this line of business is uniquely attractive to small and mid-sized institutions and take a look at the financials, operations, and strategies behind some of the most successful programs.  Attendees will gain insights into the specifics of what separates high-growth programs from the rest while also better understanding the community impact, business opportunity, and risk mitigation that should be top of mind when banking legal cannabis.  

Topics covered will include:

  • The current and future market for cannabis financial services
  • The 2024 regulatory and legal environment 
  • Uncovering your “why?”
  • Financial considerations for community financial institutions
  • Risk considerations for community financial institutions
  • Community impact and social equity initiatives
  • Common points of successful programs

In addition, this webinar will provide a case study from one of Green Check’s 150 financial institution clients, so you will gain an inside look into how a best-in-class program operates and grows. 

Can’t make it?  All registered attendees and non-attendees will receive a recording of the full presentation along with the informational slide deck. 



Stacy Litke

VP, Banking Programs, Green Check

Stacy Litke, VP of Banking Programs leads the client facing cannabis banking teams at Green Check.  Stacy has decades of experience in banking and has seen the financial services industry from the seats of Community Banker, FinTech Leader and Technology Consultant. In her role at Green Check, she and her team have developed best practices for banking the cannabis industry through working with more than one hundred financial institutions as they work to evaluate and implement cannabis banking programs, and conversations with regulators and examiners.