Ask Us Anything: Successful Operators – Mastermind Edition

Green Check's Ask Us Anything series is a 1 hour, rapid-fire Q&A session for cannabis operators. Really, it's for anyone who needs their questions answered on special topics important to running any type of cannabis operation.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 3 PM ET | 60 Minutes

This session has completed. If you would like to inquire about accessing a recording, please fill out the form on this page.

Welcome to the first edition of our 2024 Ask Us Anything Webinar Series.  In our “Successful Operators: Mastermind Edition”, we will feature three panelists from different corners of the country with various cannabis license types.  Hosted by our Green Check cannabis banking and business services expert, we will pick the brains of some of the most well-respected operators in the industry.

According to CannaBiz Media, there are 41,000 cannabis companies in the US. About 24,000 of those companies have licenses that are active.  Is your cannabis company going to stand the test of time?

Anyone who’s started a successful cannabis business knows it takes patience, grit, passion, and business acumen.  And it’s not for the faint of heart.

Why are our panelists so successful, and what made their bud business blossom?   What’s the secret sauce?  They will share the stories that got them to the level of success they have now.  The good, bad, and ugly!  Some of the topics will include:

  • Our panelist’s inspiration for starting a cannabis business
  • The process of securing a license
  • Champions along the way
  • The biggest obstacles around opening their business
  • The first accomplishment and why it was a win

Submit your questions ahead of time, or we will answer them live!

Who Should Attend:

  • Licensed cannabis operators (cultivators, wholesalers, distributors, retailers)
  • Pre-license cannabis license holders
  • Ancillary businesses serving the cannabis industry
  • CFOs, accountants, and finance teams running a cannabis business
  • Anyone else looking to raise capital in the cannabis industry

Take Aways:

  • Full recording of the presentation
  • Contact information for our presenters
  • Answers to your questions
  • Free access to the Green Check Connect Marketplace


Todd Rosales

Client Advisor, Green Check

Todd, a seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, brings a diverse background encompassing technology, finance, and cannabis to Green Check. Before joining Green Check, Todd co-founded Highsman, an asset-light, multistate cannabis brand alongside former NFL running back Ricky Williams. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights from Todd through his weekly podcast, 'Elevate Your Grind.

Kate Miller

Co-Founder and CEO, Miss Grass

Kate Miller is the co-founder and CEO of Miss Grass, a brand on a mission to help the world get good at weed. Inspired by her stint working at a dispensary in college and powered by a decade-long career in entertainment where she worked alongside Ben Silverman (The Office, Ugly Betty) and led brand partnerships for Lorne Micheals’ Broadway Video (Saturday Night Live), Kate is dedicated to making cannabis accessible, rewriting the pervasive and shameful narrative around this plant, and building a community of conscious cannabis consumers. Miss Grass has been featured in Forbes, MJ Brand Insights, The Hollywood Reporter, W Magazine, Byrdie, LA Magazine and more.  

Eric Hammond

President, Revelry Supply

Rusty Wilenkin

Co-Founder & CEO, Old Pal

Rusty Wilenkin's journey in the cannabis industry spans over a decade, marked by his relentless commitment to democratizing access to quality cannabis. With a background in launching and scaling successful brands, products, and partnerships, Rusty has become a leader in the evolving landscape of legal cannabis. In 2018, when recreational cannabis use became legal in California, he identified an opportunity in the market. Rusty, along with Jason Osni (co-founder of Old Pal), set out to make quality cannabis accessible by launching a brand that drew inspiration from the communal spirit of the late 60s and 70s. The name "Old Pal" encapsulates this ethos, echoing the era when cannabis was shared freely among friends, both old and new. Since its inception, Rusty's strategic vision has propelled Old Pal to remarkable heights. What began as a response to the exorbitant prices prevalent in the legal cannabis market has evolved into a brand available in over 12 states and counting. Looking forward, Rusty remains steadfast in his goal of solidifying Old Pal as a household name, ensuring that the brand's timeless approach to cannabis enjoyment reaches individuals from all walks of life (above 21 years old, of course). His leadership continues to shape Old Pal's trajectory, demonstrating a keen understanding of the evolving cannabis landscape while staying true to the brand's roots in inclusivity and shared experiences.