Ask Us Anything: People Edition

Green Check's Ask Us Anything series is a 1 hour, rapid-fire Q&A session for cannabis operators. Really, it's for anyone who needs their questions answered on special topics important to running any type of cannabis operation.

Thursday, October 19, 2023 3 PM EST | 60 Minutes

This session has completed. If you would like to inquire about accessing a recording, please fill out the form on this page.

As a cannabis business operator, the struggle is real!  All you want to do is nurture your passion for the plant, serve your customers and patients, and grow and protect your business.

But you still have to make sure your business is humming.

This webinar is for you! Learn how you can keep working IN your business while trusting real experts to work ON your business. 

Expanding and need the people to do it?

Ask your questions about best practices in terms of hiring, retaining, and training your people.

Curious about setting wages? How about offering benefits or outsourcing your HR department?

Ask Away!

Trying to get more efficient in paying those new team members? 

Paying your employees can be a bear. 

Payroll, and benefits, and timesheets… OH MY!

Fire away with your questions and learn the best ways to tackle this so your operation runs smoothly.  Get your people paid on time….all on autopilot.  Know the pitfalls before tripping over them and who to call when it’s time to expand.

Want to learn how to retain your people?

The “HR” department, no matter how big or small your operation is, can be a daunting area to navigate.  Learn how to on-board new employees, share all the pertinent information with them so they know their rights and you know yours; and offer ways for easy access for all parties.

Need to figure out a way to protect your people and business?

Insurance?  I gotta have insurance?  Well, yes you do.   It’s required under the terms of your licensure.  Ask your burning questions about what all this means.

Join our experts and fire away with your burning questions!



Brett Puffenbarger

VP of Marketing, Cannabis, Green Check Verified

Brett Puffenbarger is the Vice President of Marketing for the Cannabis Division at Green Check Verified. Brett is a cannabis professional with experience across a broad range of the “green rush.” Brett is also the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Good Highdeas, a bespoke advisory and consulting company. Brett has marketing and sales experience across a wide variety of industries. He is also passionate about PR and holds his Master of Arts from Full Sail University.

Tyler Priest

Chief Revenue Officer, Green Leaf Business Solutions


Jeremy Ortiz

Cannabis Risk Specialist, HUB International


Jacob Carlson

CEO, EZ Hire Cannabis