Green Check Verified Advisory Board Adds Expertise and Diversity with Key New Members

Leading financial and compliance veterans join cannabis banking regtech provider

Green Check Verified (GCV), the leading regtech provider of compliant cannabis banking solutions and services, today announced the addition of three new members to its advisory board: Tamara Totah, founder and CEO at Flatiron Venture Partners; Pam Perdue, senior vice president and chief compliance officer at Heritage Southeast Bank; and Debbie Arai, president and CEO at Optim Audit Solutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tamara, Pam, and Debbie to the board, and look forward to the contributions that these three remarkably talented individuals will make to our company,” said Kevin Hart, founder and CEO of Green Check Verified. “We will greatly benefit from their expertise and the unique perspective they bring as leading women in finance, especially as the cannabis industry, as a whole, grapples with a gender gap.”

  • Tamara Totah: As the founder and CEO of Flatiron Venture Partners, a New York and Denver based venture capital (VC) firm focused on investments in seed-stage technology businesses, Tamara has the entrepreneurial experience and financial knowledge necessary to identify companies providing the infrastructure and the technology to new, nascent industries. Prior to founding Flatiron Venture Partners, Tamara was the CEO of The Flatiron Group, an executive recruiting firm focused on finding investment professionals for global private equity firms and hedge funds. She is also the vice chairman of The Penn Fund Executive Board and the founder of the Waverly Place Association.
  • Pam Perdue: Currently serves as senior vice president and chief compliance officer at Heritage Southeast Bank, a community banking organization based in the greater Atlanta area. An alumnus of the Federal Reserve System, Pam has visited more than 1,600 banks or credit unions in a supervisory or consulting capacity, and has worked with tens of thousands more as a technology partner over a career spanning three decades. She also has served in C-level roles in banks ranging in size from the startup/de novo stage to global organizations. She serves on advisory boards for other early stage regtech ventures, including mobile banking, financial literacy, and training endeavors. Additionally, she previously founded/co-founded four regtech ventures: Compliance Compass, Compliance Coach, My Compliance Info, and Continuity.
  • Debbie Arai: As President and CEO of Optim Audit Solutions, a boutique audit and risk management firm based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, she leads a dedicated team offering audit solutions leveraging technology to enhance third-party senders, third-party service providers, originator audit, and risk management experience. Prior to Optim, Debbie served as vice president, third-party services at ePayAdvisors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ePayResources, a payment association, where she was responsible for the strategic development of their third-party audit program, products, and services for ACH business participants.

In addition to adding significant compliance and risk expertise to its advisory board, GCV is also pleased to announce it completed its SOC 2 audit in June of 2021 as an added measure to ensure the highest level of security, compliance and privacy for their customers. This coincided with the launch of the Company’s new website, and its announcement that it has added financial institutions in eight new states in the first two quarters of 2021, resulting in financial institution partners in an industry-leading 32 states.

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Green Check Verified (GCV) offers a suite of compliant regulatory banking technology solutions and advisory services for financial institutions. Founded in 2017 by a team of technology, banking, and regulatory experts, we focus on the intersection between community banking and the emerging legal cannabis industry. Our goal is to provide the services and technology needed to connect these two industries in compliant and profitable ways. For more information about Green Check Verified, visit

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