Ask Us Anything: Loyalty + E-Commerce Edition

Green Check's Ask Us Anything series is a 1 hour, rapid-fire Q&A session for cannabis operators. Really, it's for anyone who needs their questions answered on special topics important to running any type of cannabis operation.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 3 PM | 60 Minutes

This session has completed. If you would like to inquire about accessing a recording, please fill out the form on this page.

Creating a robust loyalty program is proven to help cannabis retailers boost basket sizes, increase the frequency of customer visits, and offer targeted marketing opportunities that yield better outcomes.

Integrating all the components with your POS and CRM systems can create an interactive experience. This facilitates robust data analysis and helps manage every aspect of sales and marketing.

Here, you will gain knowledge and get questions answered, including:

  • Offering promotions to your best customers
  • How to curate new customers by implementing loyalty programs
  • Where to gain the biggest bang for your buck when choosing an eCommerce platform

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  1. How do you know what makes your customer choose one brand over another?
  2. What keeps your customers coming back?
  3. How can cannabis loyalty programs be like more mature industries?
  4. What is an average basket spend with or without a loyalty program?
  5. What are the restrictions on using enticements?

But we know you’ve got more questions!  Register and submit your questions ahead of time, or we will answer them live!



Brett Puffenbarger

VP of Marketing, Cannabis, Green Check Verified

Brett Puffenbarger is the Vice President of Marketing for the Cannabis Division at Green Check Verified. Brett is a cannabis professional with experience across a broad range of the “green rush.” Brett is also the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Good Highdeas, a bespoke advisory and consulting company. Brett has marketing and sales experience across a wide variety of industries. He is also passionate about PR and holds his Master of Arts from Full Sail University.

Jack Blaeser

Founder & CEO, Mosaic

Jack is founder and Chief Executive Officer for Mosaic, a company that is redefining the digital user experience for dispensary customers.

Jack also serves as a Board Director for Wedge who is transforming the digital interview process as well as Board Director for the Freedom Educational Foundation which is a nonprofit charity providing educational support for young students in deprived communities of Ghana. Jack has run various companies as President & CEO and served as a Board Member across technology, software, insurance, and non-profit where he has raised capital, overseen Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and developed successful strategy and execution.

Jack holds several degrees in Master of Business Administration from Boston College Carroll School of Management, Bachelor of Computer Science from Brown University and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior & Management from Brown University.

Mikaela McLaughlin

SVP of Business Development, springbig

Currently, Mikaela serves as the SVP of Business Development at springbig. During her time at springbig, she has helped many of the largest multistate operators, highest volume retailers, and brands from across North America reimagine their loyalty program and their relationships with their customers/patients. Through integrations with leading cannabis POS and e-commerce partners, springbig offers data-driven strategic marketing, retention, and relationship management tools that increase revenue. Before joining the team at springbig, Mikaela worked in sales and marketing outside the cannabis industry. Her superpower? Being able to get the whole room on the dance floor.

Alex Davidkhanian

Co-Founder and President, Birchmount Network

Alex is the co-founder and President of Birchmount Network, the leading branded payments provider to the cannabis industry. Over the last 3 years, Alex has been focused on educating and supporting cannabis retailers to leverage gift cards as a compliant marketing tool for customer engagement.

Alex currently serves on the Boards of RoboEatz Global, a maker of autonomous robotic commercial kitchen systems, and of AnyCard Inc., a gift card product and technology provider. Before jumping into entrepreneurship, Alex was previously in private equity as an operating partner where he assisted portfolio company executives on their key strategic initiatives. Alex also spent a number of years in the beverage alcohol (Diageo) and building materials industries (Grohe, American Standard) in a number of executive roles from finance to sales, ultimately becoming regional president. Alex holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.