Last Updated: April 2022

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  • Kauai
    • Green Aloha, 1 location
  • Oahu
    • Cure Oahu: 1 location
    • Noa Botanicals: 3 locations
    • Aloha Green Apothecary: 2 locations
  • Maui
    • Maui Grown Therapies: 1 location
    • Pono Life Sciences Maui: 1 location
  • Hawaii
    • Big Island Grown Dispensaries: 3 locations
    • Hawaiian Ethos: 3 locations


“Travel by any means, inter-island, to and from the mainland USA, and internationally means passing through federal airspace or jurisdiction. This may put medical cannabis patient or caregivers travelling [sic] with cannabis and/or cannabis infused products of any kind in jeopardy with the possibility of delay or arrest.”

Out of State Patient Application

Regulatory Agencies

State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Program

Sales Data

  • Hawaii Compiled September 2021 Sales Data
    • Contact Tami Whitney for monthly sales updates from Hawaii’s medical marijuana program.
    • Tami Whitney, Program Coordinator, Medical Cannabis Registry Program, State of Hawaii Department of Health – Email:

Financial Institutions

  • Banks: 8
    • Note: all banks are headquartered in Honolulu
  • Credit Unions: 51

Safe Harbor Private Banking and CanPay

  • Release: Hawai’i Unveils First Cashless Payment System for Medical Cannabis (September 12, 2017)
    • “The state has secured the services of Colorado-based Safe Harbor Private Banking that will provide limited and temporary financial services for Hawai‘i’s cannabis dispensaries. CanPay, a debit payment mobile application, will process sales transactions at retail dispensaries. Hawaii’s eight dispensary license holders have agreed implement cashless operations by a targeted date of October 1, 2017.”

Regulatory Agency

Banking Guidance

  • Patient medical marijuana credentials are known as “329 Cards”.
  • Inter-island transportation of medical marijuana is prohibited.
  • Patient possession limit is 4 ounces.
  • There is an “Out of State Patient” card available to those with a valid medical marijuana license issued by another state, the District of Columbia, or US territory.
  • The OSP is available for a maximum of two, sixty-day terms per year.

State Cannabis Regulatory Authority

Address: Main Office:

Hawaii Department of Health

Kinau Hale

1250 Punchbowl Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

News Releases (for the entire Department of Health):

News Releases (for the medical cannabis dispensary):

Contact :

Phone: (808) 586-4400       General DPH Number

Questions can also be emailed to:    

State Banking Regulatory Authority
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs – Financial Institutions:


Division of Financial Institutions

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

King Kalakaua Building

335 Merchant Street, Rm. 221

Honolulu, HI 96813


Phone:     808-586-2820

Fax:            808-586-2818

Residents on the neighbor islands may call the following numbers followed by 6-2820 or 7-8642 and the # sign:

Kauai       808-274-3141

Maui        808-984-2400

Hawaii     808-974-4000

Lanai & Molokai              1-800-468-4644 (toll free)