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  • List of approved marijuana establishments in Arizona – link/roster. The Arizona Department of Health Services may not issue more than one Marijuana Establishment License for every 10 registered pharmacies in Arizona.
  • The available licenses are: Marijuana Establishment, Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensary, and Marijuana Testing Facility. Licensees may then apply for certificates for additional operations for cultivation and manufacturing. A dispensary must apply for and receive an Approval to Operate (ATO) certificate to open and operate a dispensary or cultivation site. Prior to issuing an ATO certificate, the Department conducts an initial inspection to assess whether the dispensary or cultivation site complies with statutory and rule requirements, such as checking that educational materials for qualifying patients include information on any alternative medical options and potential side effects, security cameras cover all entrances and exits from the building, and product labels list the date of harvest and all chemical additives.


  • New Mexico – Medical and Adult Use
  • Colorado – Medical and Adult Use
  • Utah – Medical ONLY
  • Nevada – Medical and Adult Use
  • California – Medical and Adult Use

Regulatory Agencies


  • Banks: 224
  • Credit Unions: 38

For information regarding marijuana taxes collected by the Arizona Department of Revenue click here.

  • Adult Use Marijuana Retail businesses in Arizona are liable for filing and paying retail transaction privilege tax (TPT) on sales of adult use marijuana and other products sold at the businesses. They must therefore hold current TPT license(s) with ADOR to file and pay retail TPT on adult use marijuana sales and any non-marijuana sale separately on Form TPT-2.
  • In addition to retail TPT, retail sales of adult use marijuana are subject to a 16% state Marijuana Excise Tax (MET) on total sales to final customers which is reported on Form MET-1, not Form TPT-2. Medical marijuana is subject only to retail TPT and not MET.
  • An adult use marijuana retailer must be registered with ADOR for a transaction privilege tax license number and excise tax license number to link the two licenses for filing purposes.

Adults 21 and older may make daily purchases of no more than:

  • 1 ounce of marijuana
  • 5 grams of oils and concentrate (as part of the total 1 ounce daily limit)
  • 5 grams of edibles (as part of the total 1 ounce daily limit)

Marijuana sales must be conducted from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

Homegrow is authorized. 6 plants for 1 individual per residence; no more than 12 plants for 2 individuals per residence.

Social Equity

For information pertaining to Arizona’s Social Equity program, click here.

  • On April 8, 2022, twenty-six (26) adult-use Marijuana Establishment licenses were issued to applicants who qualify under the social equity ownership program. The Department accepted applications for these licenses in December 2021. Winners in Arizona’s social equity campaign are included here.
  • All applications received were reviewed for administrative and substantive completeness. Applications deemed substantively complete were entered into a random selection, which were used to issue the 26 available licenses.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) announced the areas from which Social Equity Applicants must be from in order to apply for the 26 licenses set aside for Arizona’s Social Equity Campaign. The defined 87 postal codes are included on ADHS’ website here. Arizona explicitly states that one or more of the principal officers or board members of the applying entity holding an aggregate of at least 51% ownership in the entity must meet three (3) of the following four (4) criteria:

  • Had an annual household income in at least three of the years 2016 through 2020 that, for the respective year, was less than 400% of the poverty level.
  • Has been adversely affected by the enforcement of previous marijuana laws because the individual; (1) has been granted expungement; or (2) was convicted in Arizona of a violation of federal or state law related to marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia.
  • Has been adversely affected by the enforcement of previous marijuana laws because the individual is related, as one of the following, to another individual who was convicted in Arizona of a violation of federal or state laws related to marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia.
  • Has lived for at least three (3) of the years 2016 through 2020 at a physical address in an area that has been identified by the Department as being disproportionately affected by the enforcement of Arizona’s previous marijuana laws.

Arizona’s marijuana program is capped at 169 licenses.

Medical patients and their caregivers may purchase within a 14-day period up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and marijuana product. Marijuana product includes oils, concentrate, lozenges, tinctures, edibles.

Nonprofit Medical Marijuana Dispensaries may only conduct sales between the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm.

Medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow up to 12 plants in their residence if their residence is located more than 25 miles away from the nearest dispensary. Neither the patient nor the qualified caregiver will be authorized to grow marijuana when a qualifying patient lives less than 25 miles from a dispensary.


A qualifying patient may only have one (1) designated caregiver at a single time. Only a qualifying patient can submit an application designating an individual as the qualifying patient’s designated caregiver. The caregiver must be at least 21 years of age, agree to assist the qualifying patient in the medical use of marijuana, and have not been convicted of an excluded felony offense.

An individual may be a designated caregiver for no more than five (5) qualifying patients. A designated caregiver does not have to be a home health aide or other professional caregiver. The amount of marijuana a designated caregiver may grow or possess is limited by the number of qualifying patients who the designated caregiver is assisting. It is limited to 12 plants per qualifying patient.

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