Bonita Springs, FL, April 19, 2022  — Green Check Verified (GCV), the leading fintech provider of compliant cannabis banking solutions and services, today announced the promotion of Robert Phelps to Vice President of Marketing.  Over the past year, Green Check Verified has expanded its bank and credit union partnerships into an industry-leading 36 states and two U.S. territories, increased the number of cannabis-related businesses (CRB) on its platform by 270%, and greatly expanded its product and services offerings.  Phelps’ promotion comes at a time of significant market adoption and engagement from both the financial services and legal cannabis communities.

“Robert’s impact has been felt from day one here within the company and in the markets.  His thoughtful, strategic evaluation of how to properly position the opportunity of banking the cannabis industry has been masterful,” said Kevin Hart, CEO of Green Check Verified. “The variables that need to be explained and delivered to so many different constituencies is a complex puzzle that Robert has helped us put together.  His holistic approach has enabled us, and our client partners to forge the depth of relationships with a future focus on where the cannabis and banking industries are headed – together.”

As legal cannabis programs develop in new states across the country and existing programs continue to expand, GCV is tackling one of the most significant challenges facing the industry; namely, cannabis businesses remain largely underbanked and underserved.  Through innovative new products and industry education — including monthly webinars that have now been attended by thousands of banking professionals — GCV is helping bring awareness to solutions for both financial institutions and cannabis businesses to safely and successfully work together.

“What initially appealed to me about Green Check was the opportunity to leverage my background in banker education and fintech to directly help unbanked and underbanked community businesses,” said Phelps.  “I’ve been amazed at the company’s momentum over the past twelve months, and it’s an honor to be able to add visibility to the best solutions in cannabis banking while working with such a thriving, ambitious team.  It’s exciting to see this group of talented individuals surpass new milestones each quarter, and I am confident the best is yet to come.”

Green Check Verified continues to expand its banking service offerings for FIs and CRBs, with an ambitious roadmap for the future.  Phelps’ knowledge and leadership will continue to be instrumental in helping banks and credit unions understand the real opportunity of cannabis financial services, where the industry is headed, and how GCV is helping them get there.

About Green Check Verified

Green Check Verified (GCV) is a regulatory software and services company founded in 2017 by a team of technology, banking, and regulatory experts. GCV focuses on the intersection between community banking and the emerging legal cannabis industry and aims to provide the services and tools needed to connect these two industries in compliant and profitable ways. For more information about Green Check Verified, visit